won't you be my sleeper?

So here I am, up at 11:55 pm... and did you know that is like 4am for a mama of a one-year-old?

Oh yes.

(I know, I'm so wild.)

When you have babies, you tend to suddenly become very old when it comes to bedtime. It's because your brain stops functioning about 5 minutes before your baby goes to sleep. Ill-timing, I'd say.

I mean there is so much to do after that kid is in bed, right? Like... SLEEP. Oh my, the sound of it brings music to my ears! Except for one super hilarious thing-- it seems that as soon as I lay my tired face down in my comfy pillow, all of the thoughts that could ever possibly squeeze themselves into my head coming rushing in at once and start buzzing around like an angry beehive (not to be confused with this)

I find this incredibly rude!

So, I have resolved to (what else?) write my sweet mind a letter.

Dear lovely head of mine,
I see that you've been working extremely hard with countless hours of unpaid overtime. You really are overworked and underpaid. I try my best to reward you in chocolate as much as I can, but my butt steals it all for herself! (I know, it's not fair). I have decided that it's time for you to take a good vacation for at least 8 hours. In fact, why not 8 hours every night for the next... forever? Go any place you like, as long as it is in the world of dreamland! Take some monopoly money and have a bash! Invite your closest pals-- Harry Potter, Beethoven, and don't forget Mister Rogers! It's my gift to you. Because you treat me so well.


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