a crafty sleepover!

Some of us girls on my madre's side have decided to have a crafty sleepover once a month.
(I know, you're jealous. It's ok.)
We will rotate houses and the person hosting it each month has to come up with a theme of food for people to bring, as well as a simple group craft, otherwise we all work on our own crafty projects.
This month we kicked off our first one at my mama's house and her theme was:
It helps that my cousin Rachel is the manager of the pastry/dessert department at New Seasons.
Guess what cupcakes she brought?
Salted caramel chocolate.
(Now, you're really jealous.)
It was a delicious night(and morning) of craftiness and silliness.
For our group craft, we made cupcake pin-cushions, oh yes. Check them out.
Here's mine in action, holding pins and buttons in the bottom compartment...
Meanwhile, I spent time finishing Salem's easter dress for Sunday.


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  1. This is such a fun idea!!! I love it! Also you are so awesome for making that dress for the little miss. Please take lots of pictures of her in it and post so I can see that little doll face! I miss you all something fierce this week!


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