Just in case you weren't able to witness it, here is my little Salie in her Easter dress I made for her...

Also, my sweet hubs got baptized that day!

That last one's him shaking his hair out, of course. He was super excited :)


  1. I love how you are carrying on the dress making tradition for Lil Miss Salie.
    What a blessing Rae, to see your beautiful family together in church on Easter Sunday and Sam being baptized. I am grateful. I love you.

  2. BTW...Look at Salem 1 yr ago in her Easter dress you made for her :-) I just did & it made me smile & tear up. She is growing and changing so much.

  3. haha awe! so I just did as you said and it is crazy the difference in a year! she is such a little toddler now... i can't believe how smart she is and how funny she is. i watched her play in her room by herself tonight for about 20-30 minutes. she was sitting in her chair and playing the piano, then laughing, then going to the back of the piano to press buttons all serious like, and then going back to the chair to play some more. :)


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