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Do you know what? We are officially MOVING! (In case you hadn't heard already)
Sam and I are actually going to have our own room and so is Salem! You don't understand, people, this means that I won't have to sleep in the kitchen and Sam won't have to sleep in the living room anymore. We are going to have a full kitchen and only one person living next to us (duplex). We are going to have an actual living room. One bigger than a bathroom. Can you believe it??

Now that the excitement has been noted, reality of moving in less than two weeks (did I mention less than TWO WEEKS?) sets in. Packing, packing, packing. Boxes piling up, landlord showing our condo, messes, piles of bubble-wrap. Not to mention a complete lack of desire to spend any time whatsoever in our current place. 

All this moving stuff has got me exhausted with a capital EXHAUSTUS! 

Like, right now, for example. I am just way too exhaustus to fold the three loads of laundry whispering sinisterly at me. (Shhhh!) 

What I'm trying to say is that when we get what we want--what we've been waiting for and dreaming of-- it's not always as dreamy as we think it will be. It's definitely not as easy. It often comes with a lot of "assembly required," if you know what I mean. But, it's good for us.... it's good for me (admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?). Because it means I can't stay the same lazy-ass dreamer I was before things became a reality. I have to get up and get my hands dirty. I have to learn endurance and hard work and patience. 

Lord knows, I need it.



  1. First of all, congratulations. I am so happy, now I'll have to come out and see the new place!!! :) wishfully thinking.

    Second, your last paragraph speaks to my heart right now. I'm struggling as a business owner to keep up with my dream become reality. Thanks for sharing.

    Take courage! It will be over before you know it! I've moved so much. Just remember to fully unpack your kitchen and bathroom right away so you can function among the boxes!

    Love you!

  2. Why, thank you, my dear dearest... I miss you so. I actually thought about you after I wrote this, as I was sorting through it all, you know. I always feel connected to you in these matters, regardless of our distance. God can still direct our paths as friends no matter where we are. Thanks for your encouragement. I don't know what I would ever do without it... every last bit you always have for me. :) Love you too!


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