on moving your stuff from one place to the next...

As most of you know, we've moved. 
(But, just in case you didn't know... we've moved)

As I sit here on my cover-less futon with my sore knee elevated on a basket full of laundry, waiting to be folded, I'm hoping you'll forgive me for not putting up photos of our new place just yet. In my mind, I had planned on postponing the photo shoots until after all the boxes were unpacked and done ugliflying our new residence. (By the way, if you ever need to get rid of used moving boxes, put them on your corner and give a shout out on craigslist... only a few hours later, it was like my fairy godmother poofed them away!) Sadly, this hasn't happened as soon as I would have planned or hoped, but I can only see five (count them) more boxes and then it's time for 8606's photo debut!

In the meantime, you can catch a sneak peak in our moving photos, courtesy of my dad. May I do the commentary, please? Oh, thank you!

Here is our dear Piper-the-Diaper-Ointment-Swiper sitting in the u-haul. That is what we call her on most days. On moving days, however, we call her much sweeter names, because she is especially terrified of large objects being moved around anywhere in a 20 mile radius of her and will avoid eye-contact at whatever the cost. Which is why this photo is such a winning one, you see.

Here we have the 17 foot u-haul (for which we payed only the price of the 10 foot u-haul) in front of our duplex. On the right is Autumn's Josh practicing his telepathy to move things in, because he forgot his wand at home.

Oh, there I am! Along with my adorable hubs and sister. Sock feet will tell you that we take our shoes off in our new place because we have nice clean carpet that we do not wish to ruin. Autumn is too stylish to take off her shoes, though.

His telepathy having failed him yet again, Autumn's Josh walks the plank up to our door. Look, how sweetly sister reaches out a helping hand. She is so sweet. And so fashionable. But so is Autumn's Josh. Look at those Nike Frees!

Fun Fact: Autumn's Josh never actually smiles in pictures (even if everyone else does).

This is how culturally classy we are on moving day. We eat Italian food in the manner of the Morrocan with the beverage of the poor American. Oh yes.

Goodbye, 17 foot u-haul. We shared such grand times together. We will never forget you... thank you for u-hauling our stuff!

And thank you for helping us get it all from there to here!
We couldn't have done it without you, 
our dear friends and family.

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