sunshine and simple things.

Oh, the sunshine that pours through my windows today...
can words express the joy it brings??

Let me just say that I am writing this while sitting in a chair outside my front door with my toes in the grass and I am not cold at all. Piper is laying next to me sunbathing (don't worry, she is on a leash... I just may or may not be holding on to it).

The only reason Sali isn't out here too is that she is in nap-land. But let me tell you, when she is not in nap-land, most of my day is spent trying to convince her that she doesn't actually want to be outside each and every second of the day.

Well, I spoke too soon, of course. Guess who came back from nap-land and is now outside with me? You guessed it! She's a lover of the outdoors, as she should be. As every child should be, for that matter. When I think about it, I remember more vividly what each square foot of our yard looked like growing up than the inside of our house. That's where I spent most of my time... doing very important things, of course. Like digging holes to China, rolling down the small hill, finding robin's eggs that had fallen out of nests, getting slivers from our wooden swing-set in my buttocks.

Salem's found these small empty plastic planters that she has claimed for herself and is taking them around to different areas of the yard stacking and un-stacking them. It is also quite the important job, you know.

It's too bad it rains 75% of the time here. Sometimes, I day dream about moving to Arizona for the warmth, or Colorado to at least have four distinct seasons. But then would I really appreciate the sun as much as I do here? ...yes. I belive I would. Perhaps more than the locals, due to my torrentially wet upbringing. But, then indeed, I would cry many tears for my gorge of columbia and my wild coast. So many tears, that I would flood the warmth right out of my state of relocation, resulting in a catastrophic climate change.  Just my luck.

Still at it with the planters, although she dropped one somewhere along her route. Salie's simultaneously learning how to herd Piper, I think. Which is ironic considering Piper is the herding dog. But you know, nothing with Piper is by the book. I mean, she only eats depending on the location of her food.

I miss that childhood yard of mine. It seems like I learned many a valuable lesson there. Like, for example, that parakeets don't need to be let out to go for a walk. Or, maybe the more valuable lesson there was for my mom-- don't let a sleepy grandma watch two five year olds. Either way, very valuable life lessons.

This just in: rogue planter has been spotted and now commences mission: planter rescue.

Yesterday, Salie stood against the front door begging and pleading with me to let her go outside. Finally, I bundled her up and gave in. She wanted to watch the maintenance guy mow the lawn. We sat outside in camping chairs for the event. It was truly mesmerizing. For one of us. And although I am not a huge fan of the lawn mowing olympics, I was able to snap some cute shots of Salie.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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