Q:What do you get when you put a bunch of awesome animals, the west hills, rain and sun and rain and sun within 30 minutes together?
A:The Oregon Zoo!

Everyone asked us if we got poured on Saturday when we took Salem on her first trip to the zoo (thanks, Patty & Steve for the pass!). The answer is YES... but ony for about 5 minutes. It started monsoon-ing when we were checking out the lions' indoor viewing area at the new Predators of the Serengeti exhibit and realized that the rain had woken up the lions, who were catnapping outside. We ran outside to watch the male lion stand up, each step shaking his giant body. I'm pretty sure I heard him lean over to the lionesses and say, "Girls, I don't think we're in Africa anymore."

We took shelter in the cafe eating our lunches and when we were done, the sun had returned and we had a beautiful sunny visit! Salem's favorite animals were the penguins, I think. She loved watching them swim under the water. She also liked the bats a lot, too (takes after her mama, of course). We didn't get to see everything, but that is the beauty of having a year-long pass... we can go back whenever we want (and we plan to)!

This was toward the end of our visit (everyone's getting tired) and our attempt at a family photo...

Better luck next time?

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