on flower identification...

I have a few talents up my sleeve. One of them, ask the hubs, just happens to be keeping an encyclopedia of flora in my mind. The ones I have learned, anyway. I'm always trying to learn new names of plants and flowers, and scavenger hunt them on my walks. But there has been one a bit more elusive.

There is a yellow-flowering bush around town that I have always admired. (yellow and brown... that doesn't sound familiar, does it?)
Every time I see it, I smile and think to myself, Oh what a lovely little shrubbery! Though, for some odd reason, I have never thought to learn its name. I'm very embarrassed by this, you know. It's just like sitting next to some beautiful person on the bus every day and never asking their name. Quite silly, if you ask me. Well, as soon as I realized my little faux pas, I went searching for its name. My dear Amy friend suggested I google "yellow flowering bush of Oregon" and, truth be told, I felt exceptionally thick for not thinking of this myself (which is why it is always good to have dear friends, you see... for those times you are exceptionally thick).

I did as she advised and, lo and behold, there it was! So, now, will you please allow me to introduce my friend...

(click on the pictures to see who took them)
The Romance of Spring.
97/365 Forsythia
365:98 No fence will hold me back
forsythia floral spike
Textura D4 Forsythia
It's like a flame

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  1. Beautiful pictures... and such a 'springy' flowers too. Too bad I'm horribly allergic to them, I wish I smiled when I saw them. Instead I run the other way!


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