on green lines, blue lines, red lines, and zoo lines.

Salie and I decided to eat lunch at the zoo yesterday.
We forgot it was $4 Tuesday until we arrived and found everyone else had the exact same idea.
But did we let that stop us from having a grand ol' time? Nay!
Prior to all of that, we took the green line to Gateway (it's just a ten minute walk from our house, you know), where we got off to make a pit stop at Freddie's for some almond milk and then wait for our blue line to Washington Park. As we were waiting, the strangest thing happened... the red line (to the airport) came by, which is not unusual. What was unusual, however, was when the doors opened, Pilate-looking men got off and started passing out long-stemmed red roses with Alaska Airlines luggage tags attached them to all passersby (well, of course, I got one!). I was very perplexed, but not utterly perplexed, because that's just the sort of unusual thing that happens on the MAX. Turns out, this was Alaska Airlines' way of informing the public of their Rose Festival sponsorship. It was an interesting technique, and I'm not sure if it worked, but it was sure nice to get a free rose! I felt rather special... until I saw that everyone in Portland had one.

At the zoo, we made certain to stop by and say hello to the fishies.
(Salie's favorite)

And the sea lions...
(they were next to the fishies and we didn't want them to feel left out)

And the polar bears...
(I'm working on conquering my fear)

And the petite palm giraffes...
(ohhh they are so cute!)

The sun came out for our picnic lunch on the lawn and we had a splendid time eating tuna and ruffles (don't judge), almond cheese, clementines, and dried mangos (yum!). Salie ran around with some other toddlers and made a few friends. I have a theory she was trying to see what food they were eating and if she could be a part of that, but it's just a theory. 

After lunch, I took Salie on her first zoo train ride, of which she was a huge fan.
The sweet lady in front of us was nice enough to snap a couple photos of the two of us together. She said she understood what it was like being a stay at home mom and not getting photos of you and your daughter together. Which made me realize something... I am a part of that club now. The SAHM club. Oh yes. There are many of us. Watch out. 

On the way back, we caught the blue line to the streetcar to visit Auntie on her first official shift at the 10th & Couch Anthropologie (three words: immediate family discounts. Excuse me, while I faint).
When Autumn was off, we hopped on over to the H&M, the XXI, and the Gap, where I found this cute little swim number for Salem this summer!

All in all, it was a lovely lunch date that lasted until 6pm
(remind me never to take the max during rush hour!)

Well, at least Salem is learning trains real fast.
P.S. There may be a certain video of
a portion of a certain
Demitri Martin

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