On new things and new freedom.

I am loving life right now.
Sure, it's hard sometimes. Several times a day, actually. But it's wonderful.
I love being in a new place and a new neighborhood and a new community.
There are so many things to explore...
Places to walk.
Green lines to take.
Parks to visit.
Farmer's markets to anticipate.
Community centers to long to visit.
Ethnic restaurants to try.
Neighbors to meet.
Dogs to watch.
I feel like I fit in. I feel like I'm growing. I feel like I have room to do so.
And that makes me happy... enchanted even.
I feel free again.
It's just like I'm discovering Grand Rapids all over again, except this time instead of Daisy, I'm pushing my own daughter around in an umbrella stroller. Together we walk adventurously, checking out interesting photo ops and discovering the strange beauty of strangers (Do you know how elated it makes me to watch a pierced punk rocker sporting a sleeveless denim jacket covered in metal studs smile and make funny faces at Salie? People are not who you expect them to be).
We can take a max or a bus to somewhere undiscovered. We can eat lunch at the zoo. Or slide down the steep slide at the park--the one that makes her laugh and laugh when we reach the bottom. We can plant and watch things grow. We can make frittatas with freshly picked basil from just outside the front door. We can sit outside and read, play music, sketch, or people watch. We can wave at the elementary school students walking home after school. We can play soccer in the field exactly one block away from our front door. We can await the blossoms of the cherry tree in the front yard to photograph. We can let Piper run around without a leash. We can eat dinner on the back patio.
We can live here.
We can thank the Lord for planting us here.


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