On reasons for not blogging...

Well, my apologies, friends.
Last week I had a very grumpy sick babycakes in the house. Unfortunately, the computer was taken over by Baby Signing Time dvds to buy Mama a bit of resting time, you see, so I was not able to blog often. Fortunately, the hubs surprised me with a late anniversary present which will eliminate that problem in the future...
a new touchy pod!

What a treat for me! I have never ever owned my very own ipod! I'm having so much fun figuring out all the cool apps... it's keeping me busybusy and I don't even have music on it yet!
Yay for fun toys and hubsies who are full of pleasant surprises :) Now I have a point-and-shoot camera/video camera, internet, video chat, and many other things to take with me all in a rather sleek and sexy 3.56 ounces! Watch out, world. 

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