on summer lists...

My friend (I do hope it's okay that I call her that... I would love for her to be my friend even though she lives 2,200 miles away) Rose Beerhorst has inspired me to make a summer list. So here it is (click on the pictures to see who took them):

10 things to do this summer...

1. yarn bomb (aka guerilla crocheting)
wool flower

2. have a picnic at least once a week
Day 221/365

3. oregon zoo
Sea Lions

4. use our tent for the first time
some nice man offered to take our picture

5. visit my sissie (i think you know where)

6. take a lot of pictures
i wish i were a camera

6. swim
through the looking glass

7. walk. a lot.
A summer walk near Wheatley 1974

8. camp at the zoo.
Zoo camperoo!

9. play in the yard

10. summer fires
Roasting Marshmallows II

I think I will have many more things on my list, but these will have to do for now :)
What's on your list?

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