on top model sunburns...

It was so incredibly beautiful on friday that I decided to get a sunburn.
Not intentionally, of course.
No, actually my ingenious idea was to lounge on a blanket on the lawn in the sunshine during Salie's nap and catch up on last week's episode of Top Model (which really was a genius an ingenious idea, there's no sarcasm there). The un-genious part was forgetting to put sunscreen on my pale skin. Pre-burn, I wanted to show off my sunshine outfit.
_DSC0084-2 copy
I'm trying to become braver, fashion-wise. I decided to get really brave and tuck my shirt into my shorts this time. Yay? Nay? Also, found this lovely trinket at a garage sale for $1!_DSC0099 copy
Anyway, regardless of the burn, I had a great time and after Hannah Dollface was unfortunately sent home, Piper & I were able to have a fun photo shoot (she's America's Next Dog Model, you see). So I know you're jealous.

...Post-burn, I'm really wishing I had some aloe vera!



  1. Last last pic of Piper is so beautiful!!!

  2. Love your outfit! And I bought an aloe vera plant at Ikea for around $5. Bring on the sun!


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