on weekends full of birthdays, mother's days, dedications, and demetri martins.

That's right.
Sometimes you have to just go experiences things, regardless of the crowd, or the heat, or the half of a chair you're sitting on, or the teenage boys sitting on the floor right up against your legs leaving you absolutely no room to move... and it's worth it. This was one of those times.

(I perhaps might have accidentally video-ed portions of it and somewhat possibly may upload it soon for someone sort of like you to watch... hypothetically speaking).

You really need to pick up his new book, by the way. Hilarious.

Other things that happened this weekend...

Salie fell in love with a rug at Ross (seriously, she did--she sat on it, then she threw her body down on it lovingly), so we brought it home for her room.

We had a beautiful family park adventure, where Sam and I realized that spinning (on tire swings and merry-go-rounds) isn't as fun as it was when we were seven.

My sister turned 21. (mad men style.)

I had my second mother's day. Which, unfortunately, there is no photos of. But I will tell you it was well spent relaxing and enjoying bubble tea (taro, but you didn't ask. it's my new favorite flavor, but you didn't ask that either!) with a certain lovely fellow mama of mine.

We also dedicated Salem at Imago Dei on Sunday... really dedicating ourselves as parents to raise her in the love and knowledge of Jesus and asking our community to be a part of that. I don't have any photos of that because that would have been a little awkward from my vantage point. However, my dad did video the event, so perhaps I'll share that sometime soon.

Needless to say, it was a busy weekend. But it was grand. And extended to yesterday, when the hubs and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary! YAY!

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