Baby signing time!

And now...
...it's time for a baby sign language lesson with Salem!

Today's lesson takes place after Mama makes cookies and Salie tastes the first one.
...Yeah, I gave in. 
 But wouldn't you??



  1. I love this! My brother-in-law & sister-in-law taught their daughter some signs, and she does the "more" "please" too! so cute & amazing that they know how to communicate even before talking! (Jocelyn, my neice, was signing way before she said her first words)

  2. Oh awesome! Yeah, it's a total lifesaver. I know that she doesn't throw as many tantrums because of it--she's able to communicate what she wants instead of getting frustrated that she can't. I think everyone should teach it to their kids. She loves watching the Baby Signing Time dvds, too. I get them from the library and she signs along and learns a lot from them.


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