Back to the Future...

So, now that Father's Day is officially over and the gifts have been given, I can share with you the gift my sister and I gave to our dad! Remember when I told you about Irina Werning's Back to the Future photo project? Well, my sister had the wonderful idea to do one of our own for my dad!

tea party2

This took quite a while to set up, making sure each thing was placed precisely. But can you believe that we still have all that stuff? My dad took the original photo when we were kids. My mom set up everything and dressed us up. Each of the pieces are mementos. Here's her description...

I remember setting this up with you & your sister. I wanted to make special memories, forever memories that included special momentos. If you look closely every item represents special people in your lives & in your family. The Iris tea pot was a gift to me from Aunt Kimmie. I never thought we would say good bye to her so young. The china cups are the wedding set that we chose. The crystal cream & sugar were a wedding gift to daddy & I from dear friends. The doily was lovingly crochet by Grandma Great. She was so tickled as it is one of her very 1st that she did. Both pair of gloves were vintage from my moms (Grandma Betty) mom, your Great Grandmother. The blouse Autumn is wearing is from my mother, your Grandma Betty & she also gave me the pink vase. Inside the vase are flowers from Grandpa Bill my father that he brought to Autumn Rose for a birthday gift in a porcelain white vase that had a sculptured pink rose on it. The blouse Rachel is wearing is mine. I still have it and still wear it.
So, there you have it, folks. I challenge you to create your own Back to the Future photo!

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  1. Actually Rae....I took the photo! It was a surprise gift for your dad for Fathers Day back then :-) It was such a delight to select & set up each item in the original photo. I wanted it to be special for years to come.
    Love that you did all this.
    It is amazing and brings such great joy to dad & I both.
    Look at how much your noses haven't changed!!!
    You are both sooo beautiful.


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