A few new things.

Oh my, how I love the nice weather. Do you know that I love the nice weather? I do. Very much.

I'm okay putting up with a couple days of rain this week as long as it is just for a couple days and only enough to keep our plants growing and our grass green, am I right?

Yesterday, it was so incredibly nice that Salie, hubs, and I moved our picnic table to the side yard under the peace tree and ate a fabulous dinner. Candles, vino, garlic & herb chicken sausage and rice... oh it was perfect! Especially since our side yard is so beautiful right now. But aren't you curious why? Of course you are! Let me show you!!

There is a lot of this going on...

And, you know, this...

Oh, and don't forget this!...
_DSC0068 copy

And I almost forgot! Did I mention I fount this at a garage sale for 10 bucks? Yeah, pretty amazing...

I am happy to announce that Salie is loving the swing more and more these days (now that she has one of her very own in her favorite tree). It helps that she can watch the neighbor kids jump on their new trampoline while she's swinging and that the little neighbor boy talks to her from his yard. I daydream about them becoming friends when she is older and spending summers playing together.

Oh, summer in a new place is so beautiful! 
So many adventures to have and dreams to dream!


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