OMSI time!

The hubs has been working a lot.
By "a lot," I mean overtime, weekends, late nights, early mornings... you get the idea. This is great for all our savings/financial plans and goals, of course, but terrible for my spending-time-with-the-love-of-my-life plans and goals. He is such a hard worker and I love him for it. Which is why it is absolutely necessary to do something in the above-average-fun category of things to do when we have time to spend as a family. This time, it was OMSI.
I had some free passes (part of my prize package for taking second place at the Modified Style Fashion Show) and so we followed the maze through industrial east-side to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. It was quite different than I remembered. I hadn't been there since high school and Hubs hadn't since grade school, so I guess you could say things looked a lot smaller, but still cool nevertheless!
We payed the extra $2 per person to check out the temporary Narnia exhibit. I was disappointed, to be honest. I had expected a much more magical experience from the promo photos and advertisements, but there were still worthwhile parts of the exhibit. Like, for example, the pieces collected from C.S. Lewis's house including his very own wardrobe that inspired the chronicles and his first edition copies of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Salie's favorite part was the Science Playground, which is geared toward toddlers like her. There was a fun cave with flashlights hanging from the walls for kids to grab and use to explore the hidden items in the cave, a replicated eagle's nest to climb into, fossils, sand, puppets, balls... basically, a toddler's paradise, now that I'm thinking about it.
Salem enjoyed spending time on her daddy's shoulders. We ventured outside to check out the submarine (though we didn't tour the inside because it costs extra!) and the Willamette River.
I'd say OMSI isn't quite as fun (for kids AND parents) as the zoo, but it's still definitely worth checking out, especially if your kiddos are into science.

And anyway, I got to hang out with the love of my life :)


  1. that last picture of you guys is the cutest! ♥

  2. These pics are all so great! I agree with the comment above by miss bekah...That is a fab pic of you and the hubs!!!

  3. So fun! I LOVE OMSI!! We went I think a few days after you guys and I was like a little kid in there... haha


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