'Tis the season to be gettin hitched.

Since we really only have two months of summer here in Portland (July & August) and July is still a little iffy when it comes to precipitation, it is tradition that all of the weddings in the entire city of Portland & surrounding area fall in the month of August.

How do I know this?

Well, my sister photographs these weddings and has actually had to turn away several brides for days that she already has booked in August. Most of them (if you can believe it) are getting married on August 6th (could someone enlighten me as to what is so special about this particular date!?!?). But the reason she cannot book these weddings on August 6th is because our very very dear lovely friend is getting married on August 6th!

Meet Jessica (aka Jessie Sunshine):
This is a photo of Jessica and I when we were freshly graduated from high school. She's pretty much been one of my best friends in the whole world and partner in crime for quite some time. I am so stoked that she hooked up with this guy:
That's Brennan. He's a pretty cool guy (and not just because he wears full body spandex suits). It's quite mushy and cute, you see, because they've been friends for a very long time. 
They even went to prom together Junior year. They are all sorts of adorable together.
(all these photos via their facebook profiles or taken by my sister)
You get the idea. So now, they are to be lawfully wedded and I am lucky enough to help out a bit with the shindig. Jessie's asked me to make her garter, and I'm having wayyy too much fun with it. I made a birdcage veil to match for her to wear to her shower and rehearsal, so I thought I'd give you a sneak peak...
(Photo credit to Jessie herself. Check out her and Brennan's company, RedFred Productions!)

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  1. okay they are adorable! Ahhh love love.... so sweet! Oh and the hairpiece is awesome!!


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