Ways to reduce stress.

Lately, I've had reason to be quite ashamed of my moods. You see, laundry piles up, your daughter starts playing in the bathroom garbage, your dog chews your last remaining headband, and suddenly there is a crisis in the universe!

Pretty soon, you are lashing out at your husband and throwing Martha Stewart-style pity parties until you (by the grace of God) catch a glimpse of the attitude mirror and are horrified by the hag staring back at you (catching my drift?).

I've decided to make a list of some unusual ways to reduce stress, hoping it will help me chill out. It's funny how even just thinking of these things makes me feel better! These are my top 8, so far.

1. Play tag
Tag. You're it.
2. Clean
{4/52 & 24/365 2011} Monday House Cleaning Chores
3. Do something daring
sick fearless bastard
4. Take a walk
Walking into the future!
5. Jump on your bed
21/52 HBM- My Jumping Bean Girl Edition
6. Take a bath
LotR in a warm bath
7. Take a nap
Napping in Sydney
8. Twirl
almost summer
and last but not least...
8. Nutella
A spoonful of nutella helps the nutella go down
What are yours???


1 comment:

  1. *I like to jump in puddles, and if I can't find any then I look for a fountain to play in.
    *spending hours alone on the beach.
    *make silly faces in mirrors (weird but works!)
    *close my eyes and take 4 deep breaths.
    *sidewalk chalk!
    *snuggle/tackle my cats/dogs


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