Life's a BEACH.

Dear Oregon coast,
It's about time I came to visit you.
I'm sorry that it took me so long.
I have been busy growing a little girl,
waiting for her to be old enough to appreciate you for the greatness that you are.
Now, I know that she does.
Thank you for embracing her in your warm sand
and for inviting the sun to come along to play.
Thank you for letting me nap on your shore
and helping us all to feel a little more free and live.
You have quite outdone yourself
in hospitality.

(check out more photos in this slideshow)


  1. These pics are amazing! Makes me want to drive to the beach right away! LOVE the pics of you & the hubs & Salie.

  2. OH my word! She is adorable laying IN the SAND!!! Awesome!


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