On our morning walk...

On our morning walk,
we see
and hear
and smell
a lot of things
(my Salie and I).

The "climb-up-us" purpley purples
smile and wish us a well walk--
but only briefly,
they are busy with lots of news to talk about.

Mrs. Neighborly's daisies
lean in as we walk by,
they are such eavesdroppers.
I'm sure they tell her everything they hear,
but isn't that what daisies are for?

A rather loud lady in a quiet blue house
explains to an unknown listener
how she pays her taxes every year
and they can kiss her...
Suddenly, we are out of earshot.

Salie asks me, "Mama?"
And I know exactly what she is wondering,
because I have been wondering the same thing.
"You're right, Salie. When are they going to
spread out those piles of new bark-dust
for us to play on?"
Swiftly, we discover
that someone has been waiting
for us to move on.


1 comment:

  1. You make me feel as though I was right there along with you. Thank you!


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