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Well, a belated Happy 4th to you all!
     We had such a relaxing time at my folks house hanging with the fam and some friends. Both Mom and Dad outdid themselves with dinner--Dad barbecued a teriyaki ginger Salmon, and Mom grilled gouda topped pears on toast for appetizers and created a pear/hazelnut/grand marnier reduction sauce over vanilla ice cream for dessert!! (Is your mouth watering yet?) I made some Martha Stewart inspired fireworks cookies to add some patriotism to our buffet (except mine were deliciously gluten and dairy free). The whole way to my parents' house, Salem kept asking, "Cookie? Cookie?" and sometimes adding, "Please!" because she saw them on my lap in the car.
     "We're going to eat the cookies at Grammy and Poppa's house." I'd try my best to explain.
     "Ohhh." She'd say, matter-of-factly. Then twenty seconds later, "Cookie?"
     When we finally got to my parents' house, she knew it was time for cookies. I gave her a small one and she was quite elated. The evidence was all over her face.
     Even though this is technically her second 4th of July, I think this was her official first because it was the first time she was able to truly enjoy it and watch some fireworks. Her favorite were the snakes (the ones that grow and catch fire, lol). She kept telling her daddy that it was "hot!" with sign and words. Each time a firework would go off, she would come running over to our group sitting on blankets and dive head-first into her blankie, laughing. I'm still trying to figure out if the excitement from the fireworks or the sugar from the cookies was responsible for that (probably both).
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     She fell asleep in the car on the way home and, after carefully transferring her to her bed, hubs and I climbed the roof to sit and watch the fireworks show at the city park a block from our house. We had rum & cokes and talked and laughed as each mortar exploded beautiful colors into the sky. It was terribly romantic.


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