you missed out.

This month's craft night was hosted by yours truly.
It was pretty swell, if I do say so myself.
My theme?

My living room was transformed into a craft harem, as you can see.

We had quite the spread--naan, pistachios, teas, chocolates, dips, soups... Rachel & Lacey made a birthday cake for Kailey (happy birthday!!).

I made Dal Makhani from scratch...

Funny thing about that Dal Makhani...
I went to our local Mediterranean market to get the ingredients and didn't think about covering my tattoo. The owner, who was very politely helping me find what I needed, suddenly noticed it and asked, "is that Hebrew?"
     "Yeah!" I said, like I usually do... but then I remembered he was from Pakistan and I realized why he asked.
     "Like... Israeli?"
     "...yeah." I said, not sure what was coming next.
     "Oh." He averted his eyes from mine, awkwardly. He was very quiet after that. It made me sad to think that a detail like that could change the way a person treats a stranger. I'm not Israeli, but my background is deeply rooted in their history. I felt sorrow of these prejudices that go back so many years.

The whole reason I wanted to do this India-themed craft night, is because I want to embrace other cultures, respect, and understand them, and I want to encourage my friends to do the same. Although my city tends to be rather multi-cultural, unfortunately, that is not the attitude of all who reside here in Portland.

Henna was our group craft.
We celebrated the beauty in the craft of this area of the world and had a blast doing so. Everyone was a little intimidated to try it at first, but as soon as they got their hands on those cones and started doodling, they realized how fun it was and the excitement slowly melted the fears away.

What a treat to have so many crafty ladies in my home. 
I love this tradition and I can't wait to see what our next host comes up with for August!


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  1. Too funny Rae! I just posted up a blog about our craft night too!
    Here's the link


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