Folks, it ain't easy being a mom. 
Not that I ever thought it would be. I was around twelve different little ones all under the age of 6 when I was in Michigan, and not for one moment did I think being a mom would be a breeze. No way. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my little girl. For the most part, she is absolutely wonderful... but we are entering these terrific twos, you know, and I sometimes feel like I am stuck in a level of chip's challenge running over and over into a brick wall.
THE TANTRUMS. She is so pleasant when she is not having them. She is so unpleasant when she is having them.

I do honestly think that they would be worse (or more frequent) if she did not know sign. She often communicates easily what she wants because she can combine sign and words. The tantrums mostly come not out of an inability to communicate, but of an inability to have what she wants. This can be hard because my observant logic tells me that if I give her everything she wants, she will never have a tantrum. But, people, children cannot be brought up on mere logic! Wisdom, my friends. Wisdom is the hard part. The part that doesn't get instantaneous results. Wisdom will not stand by and watch logic let her eat an entire bag of tortilla chips. The battle is a battle of outcomes... do I want to avoid a tantrum, or teach my daughter healthy eating habits? Maybe this sounds silly to the general public out there, but I know you other mothers get what I'm saying, right? But we all do this in our own way and maybe that's why these tantrums get to me so much-- we trade the lesson of value, of what we know is right, for the thing we can get this instant.  

Right vs. right now. Should I pay my bills and save a little, or buy that bigger tv? Should I go out for a walk or ride my bike, or sit on my computer? Should I give of my time to help someone out, or do my own thing? Should I have a needed conversation, or avoid that person entirely? 

I think you get the idea now. Being a mom is not easy, but it sure does teach me some valuable lessons which challenge my growth as a human being... as a child of God. And when things are hard, I can look on my dad's flickr and find beautiful videos like this one that fill my heart up and help me to see how much she is growing and learning.  


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  1. Rae you are doing a wonderful job as a mother! Salem is very very lucky to have your mommy wisdom win over her baby wisdom. We have a lot of adults in this world who are still living in baby wisdom because they didn't have a mommy like you! Love you! Dad


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