Hanging on.

It's been a rough week, for sure. I'm doing better, I guess. It's hard knowing that some people think grieving over animals is silly, but most of my friends have been super encouraging and I don't know what I would do without them. My family is helping me heal. Salem keeps me busy, so I can't sit and think about it too much. She's been my adventure buddy this summer. Her favorite place to venture to, however, is still the park or somewhere with water.
She's getting so independent. Right after I took this photo, she went down the slide all by herself without me even giving her a little push at the top. She slid into my arms laughing and I was very proud. I love watching her daily accomplishments. For a while, she would struggle getting down from the end of the slide without help. She'd lower herself backwards, waiting for her toes to touch the ground, and right before she was about to touch, she would give up out of fear and crawl back up. After seeing her do this, I walked over and pushed her gently. When her toes touched the ground a look of surprise and satisfaction came on her face. After that, she was sliding quickly off the end without a care.

It made me think of myself. Oftentimes, in my struggles I will so easily let fear consume me and give up right before my toes were to touch the ground. Sometimes, I need a little push. I need to be shown that I'm so close. Then, in realizing this, I have confidence to persevere. Oh, but I protest the push so much more than Salem does. She is so pure and full of trust. If only I could have faith like her...


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