Home Tour, part five.

Last stop,

(room of refuge) 

This final room is very wonderful indeed, because it is the place the hubs and I get to go into and shut the door. OUR OWN ROOM! I highly recommend it for every married couple. Can you guess which sides we sleep on? You probably guessed wrong. We tend to switch sides every other night. It keeps things fresh, you know? Let's see, well there's the bed of absolute comfort. It's got a two-inch memory foam topper on it.... sigh. The photo behind our bed was taken by my sister of the space needle in Seattle. The black shelf pictured is on the wall to the left of the bed. It's our wedding shelf, I guess you could say. On top of it rests my bouquet, our unity candle, communion cup, engagement photo, and a shadowbox of our invitation made by a friend. As for storage, the closet that came with the room is mine and the armoire was a $50 steal at IKEA. We like that store. Do you see Sam's Timber's scarf on the window? He's very proud.
I also have a dresser (every girl needs one, you know). My dad and I found it at an estate sale for $7. It was very beat up. We sanded it and painted it and gave it a second chance. On top of the dresser are happy things: the vintage jewelry box my bridesmaids gave me on our wedding day, massage oils, a paper cut print of bleeding hearts my mom picked up at shop in Mariposa, CA, a fabric rose hair clip from modified style, a photo of me at my prima ballerina stage, my grandma's perfume, and some other odds and ends. Don't you love my rake-head necklace holder? What a great idea I found on this pin! I found it at a local antique mall and I love love love it. I might even use another one to hold our wine glasses in the futue, who knows. Here's my newest addition...

I needed something to balance the off-set of the rake, so I whipped up this paper circle chandelier. I love sewing paper. It's one of my new favorite things to craft, and it's so easy!

So that is our home, folks. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Don't be strangers now, ya hear?

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