Home Tour, part one.

Now, this is the moment you've all been waiting for, right? A peek into my humble abode! (This doesn't mean those of you who haven't come by to pay us a visit are off the hook, alright?) It took a while for things to be hung on walls, put away in their proper places... you know, I'm sure. It's still a work in progress, but having said that, perhaps I should disclose that I am open to decor ideas that you may have for me. Alright, so here is room numero uno:  

(it's where we live).

Come in, come in! Don't be afraid of our pooch-- she is certainly more afraid of you. But she will be your best friend if you throw a frisbee or a stick for her. Honestly. This is our entryway... we call it that because it's the way people enter our house. Very creative, I know. We like to keep our carpets clean, so dirty shoes must go in the basket by the door. Thank you. Alright, alright... moving on...
So, this is it--the first room of the house. I think it's rather cozy, don't you? The piano is the old upright grand I learned to play on, starting when I was four. It is has wonderful character and a beautiful full sound. I will never sell it.

When you come through the front door you will notice those two red-vinyl-seated chairs to your right. They were given to us, courtesy of our neighbor's curb. I am rather fond of them. They are wonderful for adding more seating when we have a group of some sort over. The table between them is actually an old sewing machine table from craigslist. It conceals all of my sewing storage (fabric, thread, notions, etc.). Unfortunately, my sewing machine doesn't connect to the table that holds it inside, but someday it will. It also doubles as a display for photos of friends and family.

I am proud to declare that most of the things in our house were either gifts, free, mostly free, or handmade (with a few exceptions, like our terribly awesome shag rug from IKEA). The books on our bookcase are hopefully not pretentious. Sam and I have gone through several book-purging marathons to cut down our collection to only the books we have actually read and love. It feels so nice to be able to look at the titles and remember all of the worlds we have lost ourselves in at one time or another. All of our art is either vintage or by local artists and friends. The painting above our couch is by my sister. I'm not sure what its official name is, but I call it "the dreamer" because it's a depiction of daydreaming and night dreaming. I begged her for it. 

The things on top of the piano are mostly sentimental and vintage. Two of the three paintings were done by me (the one of Mt. Hood on the left was a gift to Sam and the guitar mosaic on the right was just for fun). The Peace sign is  in the middle was given to me by one of my dear friends and old Michigander house-mate, Jen, when I moved back to Portland. Other things atop the piano include: cards given to me by loved ones, my Modified Style trophy, a family photo, a paper mache bird given to me by my cousin (and maid of honor), old hymnals, and feathers I've collected on walks.

That's the living room, for you. Tune in tomorrow for more of our home!


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  1. This post has really made me think about the items I have in my own home. You have possibly even inspired me to downsize a bit. I have been thinking since we moved in that I need to get rid of any books that I do not have some major connection/attachment to. I have way to many. I think I just may make that my weekend project.


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