Home Tour, part two.

Next, I believe, is the  

(it's where we dine and kitch) 

dining room
Behold, our tiny table. Most of our chairs are currently off display (my dad is re-gluing them for us so they pass safety code). We have hopes to eventually get a bigger table, but for now this does just fine. The basket was a gift and, yes, it is hanging in a macramé plant holder... why not? The mirror, I think, was a garage sale find and had long been disconnected from its dresser parter.

The was a craft project of mine. I think the hubs thought I was crazy when I brought it home in its boring brown paper mache state. But he likes it very much now that I have given it a Portland map makeover. (By the way, those lilies are from the hubs. He likes us to have fresh flowers in the house because it reminds him of his grandma, and I don't complain one bit). 

Walk into our kitchen, please. It's nothing spectacular, except that it is an entire ROOM of kitchen. Oh, we have come so far! Atop the stove are some lovely things, like a photo from our wedding and a hamburger timer. Did I mention we have owls hidden throughout our house? They must like it here, or something.

I bordered our kitchen walls with strands of silk flowers... which have become my arch nemesis. No matter how many times we re-pin them, they keep hanging down! These are the daily battles, my friends. No matter. Can you believe the size of my sink? It is quite grand. Two basins, no less!

The counters shelf our utensils, containers, recipes, and--oh, hello!  

This kitchen has so many cupboards, I don't know what to fill them with! Storage galore! And it is a nice home to our family calendar. I am very much an organizer, if you didn't know that already. Just ask my dry-erase pens.

Shh! Don't look in that corner! 

more home!

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