Our third summer this year is a success!

I am pleased to announce that the warm weather has prevailed (I think). Now that it is staying warm, I am finding myself taking up a lot of room in Salie's kiddie pool. Praise the Lord, the hubs and dad installed the window a/c in our living room (here's to less arguments during hot weather!). But when I am out walking around, how on earth am I supposed to cool off? I'm afraid this is just too much for my deodorant to handle!

So how do you do it? Tell me your favorite ways to cool off in hot weather! What's your secret? Pool? Grocery store a/c? Ice cold beer? I want to know!!

photo credit: Victoria Henderson

1 comment:

  1. Food haha... of the cold variety. :) Watermelon, Frozen blueberries and of course ice cream!!!


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