A place I long to be...

Europe 2007 447

There's a little place that starts with an "i" and ends with a "taly" where I would really like to be right now. I ran across some old photos from my visit their during my freshman year of college and I am seriously aching to be right in them again. "I can't believe those alleyways are water!" said the hubs when I showed him. Isn't it marvelous?? We'll just hop on a gondola to get from here to there, or play the game my friends and I played when we were there--pick the furthest church steeple you can see and we'll try to find it!

Europe 2007 428

Then maybe we'll stop at a cafe for an 80 cent macchiato with cacao powder on top and people watch. We won't need to talk, because if we did it would be in English, and the Italian passersby are much more romantic to listen to. Besides, what words could describe the beating heart of a place so full of history and soul.

Europe 2007 286

Oh, Italia!
Let me come to you and take back my heart!

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