beef & cheese chocolate??

image courtesy of pinkwhitebrown.com
There are many great things about having connections in local patisseries, let me tell you. 
This is one of them. 
My cousin, Rachel, is the head of the pastry/dessert department at one of our local New Seasons Market stores here in PDX. Rachel brought over a bowl-full of these goodies to our September craft night last weekend, and I was in love at first taste.
Have you ever wanted to eat a beef and cheese chocolate truffle? 
Okay, maybe not... but what about lavender? Rose-berry? Triple cherry? Ginger sticks? If none of those flavors have your mouth watering, just head over to pinkwhitebrown.com to discover more of the creatively decadent concoctions of Neapolitan Printing & Co. Their specialties range from chocolate mustache on a stick to choc-o-bama, their "tasteful salute to the 44th president." They collaborate with local artists, chefs, designers, farmers, fabricators and friends, as their website explains, to come up with these flavory concoctions.
Jump over here to find out how you can get some of these treats for FREE!


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  1. So I followed the link to the giveaway and there wasn't a place to leave a comment! Do you want the comments here?


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