I like autumn (my sister, too, but that's not what I mean).

My Madre bought me some new towels... aren't they purdy??
They make me oh so excited for autumn to start falling! This is the first full week of September, my friends, and though it may be in the 90s outside, do not be fooled. I reminded the hubs just yesterday that the ALS walk is on the 25th of this month and last year it was cold and rainy (surprise, surprise). Do not underestimate our city's ability to change from summer to fall faster than you can say Don Lockwood!

Personally, I am stoked about getting into my fall clothes at the back of the closet--it's like Christmas in September! All of the beautiful colors of the leaves (and ugh, sweeping/raking the leaves)! Okay, so fall isn't perfect, but it is beautiful, right? What are your favorite and least favorite things about fall?

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  1. I love the towels! So pretty! And my favorite thing about Autumn is the smell in the air of burning leaves and chimneys getting used again. Love the smoky-ness. :)


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