I love my neighborhood.

photo via my dad!
One of the things I love most about living in our neighborhood is the lengths the city and members of the community go to in order to get everyone together. On labor day, several local organizations put on a "Day at the Park" festival at Lents Park with music, games, etc. My dad took this family shot of us, which I think is great of Sam and I, but our girls seem a little preoccupied. Piper was very concerned about the bmx bikers and skateboarders doing tricks nearby. I'm not really sure what Salem's up to here...? Nevertheless, I love these community celebrations! Yesterday, we went by our local library branch to pick up a few holds. We opened the door to beautiful live Chinese music! A volunteer informed us that they were celebrating the Chinese Lunar Festival and asked if we would like an almond cookie. After politely declining (we're all gluten-free these days), we continued on to tables set up for making chinese lanterns with kids. Salem and I made one together and now it hangs happily over our dinner table. There's so much diversity in our neighborhood. I grew up in suburban east Gresham with a predominately white population, so I love every bit of culture I can experience and learn about. I know there will be less of these outdoor events now that summer is ending, but I'm excited for community holiday festivities!
What about you? What sort of community things does your neighborhood do?

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