Playtime in Salie's Room

Oh, hello! Welcome to Salie's Playtime!...err... okay you can put your barf bags down now, I'm not going to do a cheesy blog segment, I promise. I was just sitting in Salem's room the other day with my camera, snapping photos while she played along ignoring my presence, and I think they are worth sharing.

#1: Salem jumping on her bed.

#2: Salem talking to herself in the mirror.

#3: Salem brushing her baby's hair (backwards).

#4: Salem reading a book to her baby.

#5: Salem talking on the phone.

I have to say, I am quite enjoying her blossoming imagination. It's adorable to watch and it sure helps keep her occupied so I can get stuff done around the house!

Happy weekend, everyone!
October is tomorrow--hooray!!!

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