Rocky Butte!

There's nothing like a spontaneous trip to Rocky Butte to look at the city lights in the twilight!

The hubs and Salem had fun monkey-ing around.  
Salem decided to do a little bouldering, as you can see. She has no fear, this girl.
Can you see those raindrops in the photos? Oh, fall! I love thee!
I am still sweet on the rain, friends (ask me in January and I will tell you otherwise). For instance, the hubs and I set up a covering over the uncovered portion of our patio today, so now we can sit at our patio table and listen to the rain without getting wet. Genius! And Sunday, we walked all around the waterfront in the pouring rain! It felt warm and revitalizing. It's just good to feel those drops on your nose and watch them run down windows.
Anyway, back to the butte--I dared the hubs to climb atop the cement....thing...? "Dare ACCEPTED!" he said, and he was already up! Salem was trying to figure out how she could get up there with him. She looked around every nook and cranny of that cement thing looking for a way, but to no avail.
I was just happy to watch my kids enjoying themselves. It quite warmed the cockles of my heart!
On the way home, Salie made up her own songs and paused every once in a while for us to cheer for her. Check out the video (you have to cock your head sideways to watch it):

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