Thrifted things :)

I love thrifted things. Did you know that? Digging through tons of crap to find the one treasure in the mess? What an adrenaline rush! I like my things to have a history, you know. Even if it's baggage they've got, I'll take em. I will welcome them home to love and take care of. These are my new/old shoes. Do you like them? They are all real leather and remind me of huaraches. I'm pretty fond of them (thanks, mom!).
What about you people? 
Do you like to thrift? 
What's your best find yet??


  1. My best find were 3 newspaper covers and an antique store that I am going to Re-use as framed art! Yay!

  2. Today I ran by Goodwill and found a brand new copy of Barnyard Dance for $.99! My kids LOVE this book and our other copy is falling apart like there's no tomorrow :-)

  3. Sweet!! (to both of you)
    Tristan- I am going to have to check out that book, I've never heard of it!


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