Water Baby.

If you know my daughter at all, you know she loves water. It's her favorite part of our max trip downtown to have lunch with Auntie Autumn or go to the zoo. As soon as we get on the train she says, "Water??" and I sigh and half roll my eyes because I know it's going to be a while before we go over the bridge. The whole way there she keeps reminding me. "Water!!"

She loves drinking fountains, puddles, rain, faucets, bathtubs, hoses, cups... in short, she loves water in all shapes and sizes. 

So would it surprise me that she will jump into our arms from the ledge of the pool? Not at all. Nor does it surprise me that she does not wish to be held for a second longer than she has to after the jump, but instead must get back on the ledge to do it over and over again. She's very determined. I don't know where she gets that from. 

Check out the video (courtesy of my dad)...

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