Outfit Post

Just an old fashioned outfit post coming down in three part harmony!
I am feeling silly. I watched the Paul Williams episode of the Muppet Show with Salem today and now I have that song in my head. Those darn muppets always give me the sillies! Do you know that one of my dreams is to have a muppet made in my likeness? We'll see.
Moving on...

This outfit is brought to you by those who love their clothes enough to let them go. Most of the things I'm wearing were clothes given to me by friends, or picked up at thrift stores. Clothes are best when previously loved, sometimes. It saves me the trouble of buying something new that will turn out to be a mistake, never to be worn and sent to the back of the closet. Clothes from friends make me appreciate things that wouldn't normally catch my eye. I feel like I am giving these clothes new life and love.

shirt: J. Crew | given to me by my lovely friend Jess
vest: Wet Seal | cousin hand-me-down
necklace: gift from my mama
jeans: GAP | rescued from the bins (goodwill outlet)
ring: gift from grandma betty
moccasins: Minnetonka | re-homed from Salvation Army 

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