This little girl has been my motivation lately.
Normally, when fall settles in, I like to likewise settle into the couch and a nice warm blanket and be content to view the outdoors as if through an aquarium glass. Not this little one. She wants to dress accordingly and walk about in the rain and the cold. I commend her. She is brave, reminds me of being a child and not caring about my shivering body, if only I could explore a little longer! She has such an eagerness to know the world--to touch it and taste it. I hope that she carries that with her always, and that she doesn't let the hardness of it taint its beauty.

May you always be a vessel of wonderment, Salem Coral Fay.


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  1. It reminds me of how when I was a kid I could swim all the way in the Oregon Coast and eventually my body would go numb and I didn't care. Now, I can barely get my feet wet!


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