The Pumpkin Patch!

The hubs finally granted my pumpkin patch wish last weekend. (I know, it's only the second week of October, but I have been wanting to go since fall first made an appearance in September!) We painted Sauvie Island red, my friends (or... orange?), and hit up The Pumpkin Patch! This is the big one, you see... the one everyone dreams of going to... the one with the annually anticipated corn maize and haunted maize with ornate designs! It was worth the drive, which was quite breathtaking I might add--38 minutes of our beautiful city turning into lush countryside. Sam got a great parking spot up front. "Yea, but did you see my pah-king spot??" He said in his best George Costanza voice.
After visiting the animals in the animal barn, we took a hayride out to the pumpkins. Salem was so excited to ride on the tractor, but as soon as we set her up on the trailer full of hay bails, a look of terror came upon her face and she started crying, "No! NO!" We tried to console her and distract her, but she was very certain this was not what she wanted to be doing.
It's a good thing it was only about a two minute ride. She calmed down when we dismounted and all of the pumpkins in the patch were at her reach.
The hubs went hunting for our perfect pumpkins while Salie and I roamed around in the mud and greenery. She hugged almost every pumpkin she came across, kissed a few, and made sure to declare all of the smashed or rotting pumpkins "Yucky!" It was so fun to let her be content to explore.
The hubs came back with two absolutely terrific pumpkins, and let me find my wonderfully short and fat one.
The tractor ride back was a whole lot better for the little miss. She cried a bit at first, but then her daddy and I pointed out all of the beautiful surroundings (corn, trees, etc.) and the excitement was just too contagious to resist. We paid a very reasonable price for our pumpkins, people. Then we picked up some very inexpensive Fuji apples in the market and a pumpkin sucker for Salie.
On the way home, Salem's favorite word to shout aloud in the car was, of course, "tac-tor!" It feels good to a mama when her daughter conquers her fear. It also feels good when your entire little family makes memories and traditions together, learning to love and encourage each other when things are scary or difficult, all the while keeping our sense of humor.

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