Creative Mamas! Interview #1

Hey, y'all! I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving and ate lots of deliciousness, as usual. It was a lovely Thanksgiving week vacay from the blog-world for me and, now, our Christmas tree is up and decorated, decorations are up and bringing cheer, and homemade gifts are getting a turbo-warp-speed charge! What more could a girl ask for??

I would like to start this season off with our first Creative Mama Interview! I know so many creative mamas out there, I thought I would take a bit of time to feature one each month here on the blog. I love learning from them and swapping ideas with them. It's so encouraging to share our experience as mamas together! To kick it off, here's some two-sense from my lovely friend...


Creative Mama No. 1: 
Daughter: Emma, age 3 1/2.

What do you love most about being a mom?
Hello everyone! It is so hard to nail down one thing I love most about being a mom...but I think one aspect that stands out is that I feel so privileged to mold a little person. To deposit the love, acceptance of others and obviously creativity too into her. It is overwhelming at times but I think that's normal.

What does an average day look like for you?
A normal day for me: 
*We start by eating breakfast together. 
* Have our fabulous daily argument over what she wears for running errands. After tears, negotiating and fits, we are ready to argue about shoes.
* After errands we eat, do 'school', I take out my creative things (for her, me or both) and we spend the rest of the day doing activities. Whatever project I do I try and incorporate her into it. We both cut fabric, paint, cut coupons, bake and make craft projects together. 
*BLESSED NAP TIME. I take this time to email, blog, take pictures, meal plan, make phone calls, read and craft if I have the time.
*school time later and a walk outside if she wants to. (which more arguments arise about outside clothes. It's a rule in our house that if it's cold outside she needs to wear pants or tights. We're obviously cruel to not let her wear her flip flops and ultra thin princess dresses)
*When I make dinner she gets to play in her room alone- which she loves.
*Project time when we come back. Involving anything. 
*Family time after dinner usually involving hot cocoa, a movie and daddy reading her books.


What creative things do you do with your daughter?
Some creative things we do together is cooking, painting, making play dough, making planets/suns and a green house out of an egg carton. She is very familiar with hot glue guns and why you shouldn't touch the end. :/


What things do you do to keep your sanity?
I craft, edit pictures and blog. It is such a fun outlet for me. Sometimes I'll take a walk alone or go to Starbucks and write a short story or a poem. I am also apart of a book club and that adult woman time is golden.

Where have you found encouragement/inspiration in motherhood?
I've found encouragement by the friends who surround me. They are so quick to give me encouragement when I let them know how I'm feeling. (but I need to maintain the 'realness' with them) I've also found inspiration from other blogs, Etsy and yes, beautiful Pinterest. It's eye candy and a serious shot of inspiration when my days seem to blur together and I'm in a rut.

What does "creative parenting" mean to you?
It's important to me that we do creative things that don't always involve our hands. That creativity is more than just crafts. That's why we make up silly songs, think of stories and then make the books with paper, make forts/castles, acting out books or imagine clouds looking like animals. I think imagination is the sister to creativity. Also, and equally as important is that things don't have to look perfect for it to beautiful. HUGELY important.


Share a craft, a creative tip, a recipe of your own, a time-saver, or an activity!
I love bath time. A lot. I take this time to sit besides her and do what I love to do all the while being there if she needs me. I have accomplished so many tasks siting next to her: cutting fabric, doing yoga, reading a book, surfing online, etc. When I feel like I have lots to do but know she's in the mood to play I declare it bath time. Not only is she clean afterwards, but I probably accomplished lots while she was in her own little world in the water. :)

Thanks so much, Alexis! I don't know about you guys, but I'm sure going to be getting some things done during bath time, now. What a fabulous time-saver! We will do this again next month, but until then... leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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