Happy November / Costume photos!

Happy November, friends!

Is it me, or did October just fly by in light-speed time? I loved every ounce of it, I did. But November is just as wonderful. This month is the beginning of birthday season for us (the hubs in November, me in December, and Salie in January)! 'Twill be a joyous month in are jovial celebrations, including the Thanksgivingness! Today is Dia de los Muertos! Do not forget to think of your loved-ones passed and share in their memories. Today, our candles are lit in their honor!

How can I let this day go by without giving proper due to the end of last month? Would you like to see our silly costumes?

Salie: Madame Butterfly!

Me: Black Swan!

The Hubs: 1970s Native American!

What a troupe we were. Salie spent the evening with Grammy & Papa visiting Aunt Kellie. She made sure to tell me this morning all about the spooky "hats" she saw, or masks as we call them, and a doggie that was also dressed as a butterfly. Sam, Autumn, and I had a grand time listening to our friends in Violet Isle (the whole band dressed up as a mariachi band!). They played an awesome cover of the Ghostbusters theme leading into Psycho Killer by Talking Heads, at which point we were in dancing heaven! I hope you all had a safe Halloween, and before I forget-- it wouldn't be November without our monthly list of upcoming holidays!

1st & 2nd: Dias de los Muertos (the 2nd is also Marie Antoinette's birthday... let us eat cake!)
3rd: Housewife's Day! Recognizing the importance of stay at home wives & moms, oh yeah.
5th: Book Lovers Day and Guy Fawkes Day
6th: Saxophone Day
8th: Cook Something Bold Day
11th: Veteran's Day
13th: Sadie Hawkins Day
14th: Claude Monet's birthday!
15th: Clean Your Refrigerator Day (bummer)
16th: Button Day and Have a Party With Your Bear Day
17th: Take a Hike Day and World Peace Day
19th: National Adoption Day and Meg Ryan's birthday (give her daisies, they are her favorite)
21st: World Hello Day - greet ten people for peace!
23rd: The Hubs' birthday!!
24th: Thanksgiving
25th: Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day (ironic)
28th: Red Planet Day
30th: Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day

It is also Aviation History month, Child Safety Protection month, International Drum month, National Native American Heritage month, and National Peanut Butter Lovers Month!

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