Lady Gaga and I

original image credit: bauer-griffin
Me, oh my, do I dream some fabulous dreams sometimes! Last night, I dreamt I met Lady Gaga at my friend Jessica's wedding and, boy, did we hit it off! We talked eye-liner, and pink lips, and she gave me a private makeup lesson, that Lady G. She's really down to earth, you know. We went shopping and I gave her my advice on some gauchos with suspenders (a big YES PLEASE, I said). We sang some great duos in her limo and she was so impressed with my vocals that she invited me to open up for her that very night! Me, Lady G?? But she was very certain. So as I was getting ready, I used her makeup tips, which looked incredible. Sherri Dupree was my stylist and I asked her should I wear the green dress with the peter-pan collar or the gray secretary dress? THE GRAY SECRETARY DRESS, OF COURSE!, she said. It did look quite stunning with my fabulously long hair and pink lips. My performance was a smash hit, and the rest is history because that is when my Salem woke me up and I said a quiet thank you to Lady G for the opportunity of a lifetime.

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