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This week is definitely full of anticipation (if you didn't know, I hate to break it to you that it's Christmas this weekend). I have been busy busy, especially since last weekend was full of birthday events. Now it's crunch time. I've been finishing up lots of Christmas presents, which I cannot show for obvious reasons. I did whip up this little doggy-paw stocking for Piper the other day. Salie helped me glue on the pawprint. Thanks to pinterest for the idea.
Piper's stocking

I decided to do my hair like Merrill Garbus the other day, except with pins and not a razor... :)
Ps. Aren't those twinkle lights magical? I think I might just leave them up all year round.

Like I said, birthday events. Salie helped me to blow out the candle and it's been the talk of the week.

We went to my friends Jessie & Brennan's Christmas party and I played rockband! The event of the night, however, I think was when the Hubs sang a rendition of "I feel good" by James Brown and made us all laugh hysterically and screw up our own parts.

Sam and I went to Jam (the best breakfast place in PDX!) for my birthday breakfast and almost ran into Robert Pattinson, who turned out to be some random guy that was a dead ringer for Robert Pattinson... but I sure had a lot of people going!

We went swimming at the community center and the Hubs took Salie on the "biiiiig side!" Check out the video! Sorry they are so far away, but you know I wasn't about to hop in the water to video them...

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