Oh, Christmas Tree! (ROUND 2)

So, did I ever tell you about the time our Christmas tree died? I'm not sure why that cheap-o plastic piece-of-crap tree decided to crap out on us, but it did. Perhaps the damage had started much earlier, is what I suspect, but what did it in was an ornament tug from Salie and down she went. At first, I thought it just fell over, but when I tried to stand it upright again, it was to no avail. I let it take a snooze on the couch while I removed the presents and surveyed the damage, which was as follows:


The search for the new tree began. In desperation, I threw out the idea of picking up a live tree from a tree lot... the hubs quickly shook me back into our that-is-too-freaking-expensive reality. I took this opportunity to confide in my husband that what I've always really wanted is a white one. At that, we jumped in the car and went to the walmart, where we learned they were completely out. We called every other walmart in the state who also told us, "Heavens, no! We've been out of those for a month!" Thanks, lady. Then we called the targets. Then the fred meyers. Then the michaels. Then we stopped into the michaels, just in case. No luck. With my head hung low, and our bellies hungry (and attitudes grumpy-ing), we headed back home. For some reason, I decided to check the walmart online store, where I was surprised to find a beautiful 6.5' white artificial pre-lit Christmas tree for only $19.99 plus shipping! The best news: it would arrive BEFORE Christmas! Hooray! I quickly fed the walmart online store my debit card number and the anticipation began. Meanwhile, back in the living room...

Needless to say, after many no no no's to toddler tree-hugging and ornament-stealing, our tree of white arrived yesterday! Pleasantly, it worked out that Salie was asleep while the hubs and I pulled it out of its box and brought it to life. We decided to go with less ornaments this time. The lighter the tree, the better, I figured. My parents surprised us with a tree-warming ornament, in honor of my favorite animal.

My sister came by as we were finishing it's trimming and exclaimed, "Ohhh! It's so pretty!! I looks so happy in here with a white tree!" To which I agreed wholeheartedly.

Salie was super thrilled to wake up to the new addition. "New kissmas tee!!" she said as she pointed to it. Since their introduction, she has been caught singing "Oh, Kissmas Tee..." to it at random intervals, with her face super, super close to its branches.

But no one loves it as much as I do.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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