Traditions are hard to break, especially when you're still getting used to the holidays with two families. Usually, we spend Thanksgiving at my folks house with my mom's side of the family, but this year decided to spend it with the Snyders. Though the change was difficult for me, we all had a lovely time.
Salem was really happy to hang out with everybody, especially her Uncle Nate. She doesn't get to see him very often because of his army job three hours away, but she sure thinks he's a riot. Just look at that smile up there on the right!
I tried to teach Salem how to press the button on our camera to take pictures. I would hold it and she would press the button. She's not too shabby, you know. Perhaps a little photographer in the making, who knows?? These are some of her shots...
thanksgiving salems pictures
Steve (the hubs' daddy) made a DELICIOUS meal. Turkey, apple & pecans, cheese stuffed cauliflower with a tomato/garlic sauce, etc... Not to mention the gluten-free, dairy-free pumpkin pie that was SCRUMPTIOUS. I was in food heaven. I may or may not have been sent home with the rest of the pie, because it may or may not have made it home before it jumped into my mouth. Crazy, I know.
Salem's favorite part of the meal was, of course, the olives. She has refined taste, you see. Oh, and the pie.

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