Tis the season to... what exactly?

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There's something in the air, my friends. Something other than chill and frost. It's the Christmasness that comes around this time of year that makes my eyes like a child's again. I see things through Salem's eyes and remember the wonder I felt as a little girl, scouring the night for more Christmas lights. It's so strange to attempt to meld this perspective with one of adulthood--of electric bills, messes, and doubt. I question the intent of the carols I so carelessly sang with all of my heart in childhood and yet I hope for their truth all the same. I try to instill the right sentiments for the season in Salie, but I often struggle with clarity as to which are those right ones in a world full of blow-up-Santa-holly-copters and every-friday-is-black-friday-sales. I guess this Christmas, for me, is a time of searching for truth. So let me ask, what is Christmas to you? Really?

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  1. Gifts, trees, lights, while these are all fun and we see good in them. I think my favorite Christmas Carol sums it all up...

    "A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices for yonder breaks a new and glorious light!"
    "Oh Night when Christ was born, Oh night Divine..."

    There has never been and will never be a night so important to the history of mankind...a night when the Divine Creator of the world and everything in it, became human to make a way for us to know Him. Why? Just so we could be with Him.

    I don't know about you, but that gives this weary soul a Thrill of Hope and I rejoice at the thought! This is Christmas to me.


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