MY SECRETS: Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

Oh, Lord... these just about were the end of me. I had many trials in the desert of tissue pom-poms. I guess the thing that nobody told me in all of the tutorials I read, was that you need a lot of layers of tissue paper. Mrs. M. Stewart's tutorial says you only need eight, but she is a liar, that woman. You need at least ten. Twelve would be better. Fourteen would be ideal. And when they said, peel apart the layers and fan it out, they weren't speaking to someone who is O.C.D., like me. They really want it to be messy. I didn't get that memo. I peeled apart my layers quite perfectly, until I watched this video tutorial:

Can you tell that the one hanging from the ceiling above the cake was the first one I made? Err... well, that was after I took it apart and added even more tissue paper. Still it was not enough. (I'm not kidding about using truckloads of tissue paper, folks).

So, the moral of the story is... if you're going to attempt these suckers, use warehouses full of tissue and don't be O.C.D. about it, like me, and yours will be gorgeous!

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  1. so cute rae! i loved salem's rainbow party :) you should pin it on pinterest!


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