Can it please be spring yet?? I am looking at my electric bill (while wrapped in a blanket), praying for its arrival to hurry up! I feel like I have been hibernating this winter.

Poor Salem, who ALWAYS (and I mean ALWAYSSSSSSS) wants to be outside, is driving herself and her mother crazy waiting for warmer weather. Every chance we get, we run out to stand in the yard and smell the fresh air. Yesterday, she was probably the most excited I have EVER seen her to be outside. She galloped in circles around the yard, repeating every word I said as if she were a broken record on full volume.

We cannot wait until this threat of cabin fever is gone with the new season.
Nature! #janphotoaday Somebody's happy to be out in it!

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  1. I am totally with you on the Electric bill! YIKES! I am ready for warmer weather.


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